Gar Roper: Managing Editor of Cliffside Press

Gar was born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, (The town that serves as the setting for Deadly Hypocrisy) and received a BA in Philosophy from Lehigh University. He completed his Ph.D. in psychology at Columbia University, and went on to have a varied career with many years as a clinical psychologist, followed by a second career as an internationally recognized marketing psychologist. Along the way he has been a night club owner, an actor, a motivational speaker, a farmer, and a writer. 

Henry Holt published Gar’s first book, By Leaps and Bounds. This non-fiction effort was followed by two novels; a fictionalized memoir of an abuse survivor, Hidden Grace, and a magical realism allegory, Tales of the Traveler. His current work, Deadly Hypocrisy is the first of a planned crime mystery series.

Gar currently lives in Freeport, Maine with his high school sweetheart Betsy. The two have now both retired and fulfilled a long-time dream by maintaining dual residence in America (in Maine) and in the Irish Republic. Gar splits his time between gardening, writing, and restoring an old farm at Ballyvarogue, which has been owned by his wife’s family line since the mid 1700’s.

The Ropers are blessed with a talented family including their writer daughter, Jane Roper, musician son-in-law Alastair Moock; and their own musician son, Kevin Roper. With this family of creatives, Gar feels he must have done something right.

Now, Gar is almost fully retired and devoted to writing, a little acting, traveling, and immersing himself in the out of doors. He find immense purpose in discovering meaning in the awesome cosmos and in the creative genius of human minds.


Becca Hurd: Editorial Assistant/Social Media Manager of Cliffside Press

Becca is a senior Psychology major at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Her passions lie in the fine arts, ranging from fiction writing and poetry to technical theatre work and directing live theatre.

Growing up in a small town in Maine, Becca spent the majority of her teen years working backstage in high school and community theatres. Her specialties lie in stage managing and directing, which she has continued with in college as well as becoming a playwright and screenwriter.

After serving on the board of directors of the Anselmian Abbey Players and directing an original show called Daniels, she moved on in the summer of 2016 to work as screenwriter, producer, co-director, and actor in the upcoming independent film Invisible Things. The film embodies a subject of great importance to Becca and the rest of the Eternal Take Productions as individuals and as artists; the stigma around mental illness in American society.  

Evan Tims: Editorial Assistant/Social Media Manager of Cliffside Press


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