I began my writing career in the 5th grade with my story Winter Woes of the Sled-Dog North of the Arctic Circle.”  In college I wrote poetry and short stories.  My writing heroes were Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost – strange bedfellows I might add.  After college a more practical life of marriage and career closed out my writing, until I reached the place in life approaching retirement where revitalization occurred.

Basing my first attempt at a novel on my experience as a psychotherapist, I wrote Hidden Grace, a fictionalized account of one of my patients, a woman in her 60’s who had been severely abused in a succession of foster homes during the Great Depression.  Grace (not her real name) entered therapy reluctantly on doctor’s orders after nearly dying of self neglect.  Her therapy advanced little at first, until she began writing a journal of her experiences.  The journal, based on the real patient’s actual journal, forms the basis of the novel as Grace moves from empty despair to realization of her dream to write, and she shares the strength and triumph of the human spirit.

From Grace, I moved to psychological detective novels in the Ackerman/Savantos series… which follows the work of a psychologist and a police detective in their crime solving pursuits using the outer facts and the inner motives of perpetrator and victim as well.

Then, while traveling in England and Ireland, a sudden inspiration brought forth Tales of the Traveler, the fictional reality journal of a traveler in the late 1800’s, who finds himself immersed in inexplicably  wondrous events, which challenge everything he has believed about life, death, and the meaning of it all. Traveler is due out this July.

Now, I am almost fully retired and devote myself to writing, a little acting, traveling, and immersing myself in the out of doors.  I find immense purpose in discovering meaning in the awesome cosmos and in the creative genius of human minds.

I live in Freeport, Maine with my wife, Betsy and am blessed with a talented family including my writer daughter, Jane Roper; my musician son in law Alastair Moock; and my own musician son, Kevin Roper.  With this family of creatives, I feel I must have done something right.

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