The Cliffside Press website is intended to provide support and exposure for self- published authors, as well as keeping you updated on the work of author Gar Roper.  Through posting of material related to writing of all types (with an emphasis on Fiction), we hope to provide a different kind of site that promotes excellent work and helps build readership for new and established self-published writers.  The site will also provide conversations with readers and writers about writing, a place to order featured books, and some tutorials/tips for writers.
The Cliffside Press, established in 2009, is about to launch a program of free social media promotion to self-published authors.  (Details to come – stay tuned!)
Gar, a self-published author himself, will offer readers a chance to get to know his work which presently includes three novels, many poems and numerous essays; Hidden Grace – a story of triumph over abuse, Tales of the Traveler – a fabulist allegory about life and what occurs after life, and with the publication in the near future of the first of the Ackerman/Savantos series of Psychological intrigue detective novels, Deadly Hypocrisy – a story of adolescent rebellion with deadly consequences.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Gar…. Thank you so much for sending a copy of your book. I loved it the first time through and will read it again. Your letter was great and I’m glad to hear you’re getting more terrific reviews. It is truly a wonderful book 🙂

    We were in Maine last summer, but I think between the humidity and lots of family to see, I never thought of finding you. We’ll be back…so much history there for me. I’m in the final stages of my third book, “Ageless — Never too old and Never too Late.” It’s aimed at women but I’ve been told some guys are getting a lot out of it, too.

    I hope “Traveler” continues selling well!
    Good luck…

  2. looking forward to keeping up with this excitement, nothing like the joy of setting words in flight ~

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