With the upcoming publication of Tales of the Traveler and the publication in the near future of the first of the Ackerman/Savantro series of Psychological intrigue detective novels, I feel a growing sense of excitement that I am eager to share with current and future readers.

While I have had, already, a long, varied and fulfilling life, writing has become my greatest satisfaction.  I hope to share the fun and excitement of these stories with a readership that will appreciate creative and originally conceived plots,  written language aimed at richness, literary value, and accessibility all at once.

Through this site I will share excerpts, provide free down loads of interest to readers, and invite comments and conversations between readers and with me.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Judy Horky says:

    Dear Gar…. Thank you so much for sending a copy of your book. I loved it the first time through and will read it again. Your letter was great and I’m glad to hear you’re getting more terrific reviews. It is truly a wonderful book🙂

    We were in Maine last summer, but I think between the humidity and lots of family to see, I never thought of finding you. We’ll be back…so much history there for me. I’m in the final stages of my third book, “Ageless — Never too old and Never too Late.” It’s aimed at women but I’ve been told some guys are getting a lot out of it, too.

    I hope “Traveler” continues selling well!
    Good luck…

  2. karmo sanders says:

    looking forward to keeping up with this excitement, nothing like the joy of setting words in flight ~

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